Suited Hardware & Furniture

A front door speaks volumes about a property. Make a statement with your by accessorizing it with one of our suited hardware and furniture ranges.


If you’re looking to make a statement, our Contemporary Suite includes a vast selection of modern accessories such as long and short bow handles that are guaranteed to make your door stand out from the crowd.

hardware suite

Make your door a timeless classic by choose from our Standard Hardware Suite. Although it’s in the name, there’s nothing standard about this stunning range.

Sweet hardware suite

An innovation in hardware design.

The suited Sweet is a truly unique collection, as all of the accessories are perfectly matching and it therefore rethinks traditional door furniture; making it one of a kind on the market.Sweet’s simplicity creates long lasting beauty and is available in four colours; gold, chrome, black and white.The sleek and edgeless design creates a smooth and simple appearance, with the letterbox, house numbers, door handle and knocker adding a contemporary appeal to the door.

Yale digital

Digitalise your door with the Yale Digital Suite. Your keys will be a thing of the past with this suite upgrade. Choose from either Keyfree or Rimlock and make a statement with your home today.